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The actual browsing is done by a kind of page flipping or by selecting a particular week from a dropdown list, though to see the list you have to narrow the browser window. Unfortunately, historic Actual values are rather inaccurate on the calendar. Trading Economics — automatically detects your time zone settings and applies them to the economic calendar. You can also set an arbitrary time zone and it will be saved for your next visit even if you do not register.

The History of Forex – DailyFX

The History of Forex.

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For Chinese , French, German, Hindi, Japanese, Malaysian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish, the translations are very good with only minor interface elements left untranslated. Conversely, for Czech, Korean, Latvian, Portuguese , Slovak, Thai, and Vietnamese, almost nothing is translated. Event descriptions for the French version aren’t translated, while everything in both Chinese versions is translated. DailyFX — alerts can be created by adding the events to Google, Yahoo, iCal, or Outlook calendar in a semi-automatic way.

The Economic Calendar

This section makes an attempt to assess the quality of the charts provided by the economic calendars. Econoday gives a detailed explanation of the indicators, historic chart , release schedule, last released data, and in-depth study of recently released data. There is also a quick link named Why Investors Care, which describes the importance of the indicator for the economy. The link provides additional details such as the frequency and approximate time of release, original data source without a link, revision methodology, and, finally, a period that the report covers.

Its capital, London, is the second-largest financial center in the world, behind only New York. We will help you to catch the best market opportunities and the proper knowledge about markets.

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Top 4 Apps for Forex Traders.

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That’s why arming yourself with all the trading tools available is your best chance at success. Thus the Forex calendar is a tool you can rely on to identify trading patterns, understand key economic indicators, and train yourself to read between the lines of the financial state of a country. Basically, you are looking for clues and practicing your Forex prediction skills so they become more accurate.

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Consequently, using a calendar will hone your ability to recognize valuable news and their impact. So be patient with yourself and keep learning throughout your trading journey. Figuring out how to read and analyze the calendar is the initial step. Ultimately, you need to translate this reading into a trade you can implement. Commonly, traders use the events to track data releases and catch price movements. If there is a data release better than the forecast, you will see a currency pair appreciate versus other currencies.

In case the news is positive, i.e. its actual value is higher than the forecast median, one can consider buying the currency with the quotes that are most sensitive to the macroeconomic news content. The publication of Consumer Price Index measure of inflation on Wednesday will be sandwiched between wages and employment numbers on Tuesday and retail sales and PMIs on Friday. A drop below in CPI back below the 10% level would be a welcome sign and should keep market sentiment supported. Trade 5,500+ global markets including 80+ forex pairs, thousands of shares, popular cryptocurrencies and more. Due to the increased market volatility, it is important to remember that trading around news events can result in significant slippage.

For example, to view US non-farm payrolls in 2021, one can go to the June 2021 NFP report and change the fid parameter up or down by 1 to see the next or the previous report. A trader may or may not be located in the same time zone used by the economic calendar to display the schedule of economic announcements. Thus, it is a good idea for the Forex calendars to display their active time zone and to allow synchronization of the server time with the computer’s clock. The economic calendars tackle this issue in the following manner.

  • It is closely followed by, Myfxbook, and FXStreet.
  • With time, you’ll be able to fine-tune your trading technique to benefit from the forex economic calendar and be up to date with the latest live events occurring around the globe.
  • Event risk is anything that will move markets, but that you can’t see coming.
  • Identifying this impact to choose your moves and strategy is what this is all about.
  • Myfxbook — in addition to the date and time of each event, the calendar displays the time remaining till each event.

Forex Factory — provides an easy and flexible calendar-based browsing facility. It is possible to browse through dates, months, and even years. For quick reference, there are links to visit the week and month that just ended.

Myfxbook — by default detects the time zone via your browser. If you open a free account with Myfxbook, you can change and save the time zone in your account settings. There is no way to change the calendar time zone without registration. However, it offers a provision to change the time zone as you want and save it in a cookie file. Econoday shows both unrevised and revised values, but you have to click on an event to get to them unless you watch a daily view. Forex Factory shows a scalable interactive histogram chart with all values — actual, forecast, and revised.

Extra features

Same as the mobile web version, the app doesn’t show any revisions — only pre-revision values are displayed. When new data is announced for an indicator, simultaneously, the revised value for the same economic indicator is reported. Most economic calendars display such revised information in a different color. There are also calendars that provide both revised and unrevised values for the trader’s convenience.

The time zone can be changed, but not saved without registration. Dukascopy — detects and uses your local time to display the schedule of event announcements. There is no way to save the choice and it is impossible to select any other time zones. Myfxbook displays revised values with a dotted underline while the tooltip reveals the original value.


Economic indicators are major economic events that are used to interpret investment opportunities in Forex trading. They usually are macroeconomic events that affect currencies and stock prices. You can filter dates by day, week or month to see exactly what’s happening and when. With the time frame you choose, you can also customise to check out the latest on the countries or economic events you’d like to monitor.


A drawback, which we came across while using the custom search facility, is that the number of events that gets listed is restricted to 500 despite increasing the time period of search. For example, if we are studying the events in the month of April 2022, only the first 250 events are getting listed. Once we reach the tenth page of events, we have to input the new dates to study the rest of the data. A tiny green-colored square box within each calendar date in the time scale provides the number of anticipated events for that particular day. Use the economic calendar to track any upcoming major events that may impact the market your trading in. The calendar is in chronological order, listing any events within a day and what time they are happening.

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Calendars use a currency ISO code, a country flag, or a country ISO code to show the origin of each of the listed events. If you are new to our reviews, this post will help you choose the best Forex calendar to use in your analysis and trade scheduling. Updated the number of events, loading speed, and forecast accuracy values.

LiteFinance LLC does not provide service to residents of the EEA countries, USA, Israel, Russia, Japan, and some other countries. Take control of your trading with powerful trading platforms and resources designed to give you an edge. Choose from standard, commissions, or DMA to get the right pricing model to fit your trading style and strategy. FOREXLIVE™ may be compensated by the advertisers that appear on the website, based on your interaction with the advertisements or advertisers.

  • Whether you are an aspiring trader or a seasoned one, you probably want to conquer the market and generate a consistent flow of income.
  • The economic calendars tackle this issue in the following manner.
  • Consequently, using a calendar will hone your ability to recognize valuable news and their impact.

If the time settings are changed using the dropdown menu, then the latest setting is used when opening the economic calendar during the next visit. shows revised values, marking them with an asterisk. Unfortunately, not all events get revisions displayed with this calendar. provides a very simple historic line chart with forecast and actual values.

DailyFX — the calendar belongs to the IG broker, so its banner can be seen just below the event list. Myfxbook — in addition to the date and time of each event, the calendar displays the time remaining till each event. This might come in handy to quickly assess the remaining time.

In case the Forex calendar newsr is experienced enough, they analyze previous macroeconomic data, as well as the reaction of the main market players and how it impacts the dynamics of asset quotes. It is also essential to get acquainted with the opinion of market experts and more experienced traders, get general market commentary and advice from independent experts like FXOpen. In case you are experienced enough, they perform the analysis of previous macroeconomic data, as well as the reaction of the main market players and how it reflects in the dynamics of asset quotes.

You can first apply filters and date range, and the export function will respect those settings. It retains all the main features of the desktop view, but it seems that you cannot even scroll horizontally even though the site does not fit the browser window horizontally. — detects local time and uses it to display the schedule of events. The local time settings can be changed using the drop-down menu but cannot be saved permanently.

loading speed

Added the mention that, Forex Factory,, Myfxbook, and Trading Economics provide links to the sources for reports. Update it to the latest version or try another one for a safer, more comfortable and productive trading experience. For example, if you trade USD/CAD, you should pay attention to Canadian and US economic statistics. In case the news is negative, i.e. its value is lower than the forecast, one can consider selling such currency. For example, if USD/CAD is one of the pairs you trade, you should pay attention to the Canadian and US economic statistics.

You can click on every event in our Economic Calendar for even further details such as the explanation on the event, data source and historical values . You can set up an individual notification for each and every economic event which will send you an email notification at the pre-determined time interval. Big news events can, and often do, cause big swings with a single movement going several percent in one direction. Determine a trading position’s profits or losses at different market prices. You have read, understood and accept the Product Disclosure Statement, and reviewed the Financial Services Guide. By continuing, you declare that you have read, understood and accept the Terms and Conditions and you agree to open an account with EF Worldwide Ltd.

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